The Critical Role that Churches Can Play with Early Stage Social Entrepreneurs

The Stanford Social Innovation Review just began a 10-part series that highlights the incredible benefits of supporting early-stage social entrepreneurs. The first in the series is entitled The Urgency to Fund Early-stage Social Entrepreneurs. 

Below are a few really critical quotes that have high application to the church:

“We see early-stage social enterprises as “catalytic innovators” that produce disruptive innovations primarily because they come from outside the ranks of the established players. But too little capital in the social sector is directed to these young efforts, with resources often flowing instead to more mature entities and supporting existing solutions, delivery models, and recipients.”

“Early-stage organizations can demonstrate what is possible to populations who have lost hope.”

“Early-stage organizations can shine a light on inefficiencies or gaps that larger and more mature organizations often miss. This is the essential value in supporting an early-stage social entrepreneur.

“[We] will lay out the case for investing in early-stage social entrepreneurs and showcase the impact these investments can contribute to creating social good across sectors and geographies.”

“Our message is simple: There’s no time to waste. The urgency to fund early-stage social entrepreneurs has never been greater.”

Please read the full article here. It is an important message for the future of church missions, from an unlikely place.

Innové Studios is very proud of our portfolio of eleven social ventures, and we have seen similar results, challenges, and benefits as those that have been researched by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy.

Many church congregations are loaded with big-hearted people with the professional skills that can be mobilized in supporting, coaching, and resourcing early-stage social entrepreneurs. Our communities need it, but will the church have the courage to step up to serve?