Innové Studios Merges Sundays With Mondays

I want you to hear from my friend Tom:

“I know first-hand that Innové enables business professionals, like me, to utilize work skills to provide a valued role in helping others. As a marketing and public relations professional, my professional skills are not always an obvious fit in the mission field. Innové challenges that perspective to enable a wide range of skills to help mission-led organizations thrive. I appreciate the opportunity to serve God by helping coach and mentor a new generation of social entrepreneurs.”

Innové has been a source of spiritual renewal for Tom. In the words of theologian Dallas Willard, “It is as great and difficult a spiritual calling to run the factories and the mines, the banks and the department stores, the schools and government agencies for the kingdom of God as it is to pastor a church or serve as evangelist. The division of vocations into sacred and secular does incalculable damage to our individual lives and to the cause of Christ.”

Empowering church goers like Tom to connect their Monday work with their Sunday faith is part of the unique value proposition of Innové Studios. There is a great potential for churches to build powerful congregation-driven engines that intentionally launch and scale fresh ideas and solutions that empower young social entrepreneurs.

Replicating the Innové model into churches around the nation would empower thousands of Toms, each bringing what they do best for the sake of Christ’s Kingdom.

Innové Studios is a pioneering model for churches. The next couple of years will require boldness, ingenuity, and most of all, prayer, as it is in the critical stage of fulfilling our mission to replicate the model into 100 churches. So thank you so very much for your support and for your prayers.