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February 6, 2019Update

Everyone can visualize the ripples created when a stone is thrown into a lake or a rain drop falls into a puddle. Alas, it’s not nearly as easy to visualize the impact of our charitable investments.  Innové Studios utilizes...

Us humans like to cut to the chase, our thoughts often jumping straight to the end. For Innové Studios that end is the social ventures that are launched. This is understandable. They are exciting, after all! In fact, our last update...

I have to be honest: several people have advised Innové Studios to leave the Church behind. They say that the money and influence is in private, corporate, and community foundations and that Innové Studios should work among foundations...

Innové Studios empowers churches to coach, resource, and launch social innovation ideas in their own communities. It is a pioneering method for missions and congregational engagement, adding focus and innovation that congregations...

  Jesus commanded his followers with a simple message to care for the least, the last, the lost, and the lonely. But that simple message can sometimes feel very…complicated. Thoughtfully loving our neighbor now includes...