Announcing Five New Social Ventures in Houston, Texas!

Research is showing that early-stage and startup social ventures are often providing more impact in the world than established nonprofits, largely because they start by asking themselves “what’s possible”, a very different approach than settling for what’s been done before. The impact from these small projects for good can then lead to large-scale adoption, further growing in impact.

Innové Studios mobilizes congregations, getting big hearted people out of the pews and into mentoring relationships that get small social ventures off the ground and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of five more through the wonderful work of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas!

  1. Good Works Studio: Emergency Floor – Helps refugee communities around the world through designing and deploying high-impact, low-cost shelters.
  2. ArtPark Moving Studios – A mashup between a “Food Truck” and an “Art Studio” that hosts free arts enrichment events for at risk children.
  3. Coffee and Cake Café – This café will help formerly incarcerated adults with reentry support by providing part-time and transition employment opportunities.
  4. Rescue Houston – Empowers victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation to exit the sex trade via a 24/7 hotline and exit program.
  5. Ananias House: Bread of Life – This bakery in the war-ravaged city of Aleppo, Syria will provide employment opportunities, bread for citizens, and opportunities for the church to engage.

These 5 social ventures join the 11 launched in Minneapolis, ventures that we estimate have helped 29,700 and rising in the Twin Cities. Our hearts swell with gladness when we think about how many more people will be helped by these 5 new social ventures in Houston. The impact just keeps growing!

Please pray for these five new ventures, that they may do good in Houston and around the world, all in the name of Christ and his church. Innové Studios is on a mission to partner with 100 churches. Please also be in prayer for the next churches Innové Studios will partner with, wherever they may be.